It turns out that this is the happiest city for singles in Australia

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happiest city in aus for singles

If you're struggling to find The One, the issue may (thankfully) be bigger than just your Tinder swiping abilities.

In fact, you might need to pack up and move states altogether.

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Following the UN's World Happiness Report, which rated Australia as the ninth happiest place in the world to live, EliteSingles decided to find out where in Oz the happiest people lived, specifically the happiest singles.

And happy singles make for happy relations — uh, we mean relationships.

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Without further ado, the place where all of the happy single souls live is: Geelong in Victoria.

Just down the coast from Melbourne, Geelong is home to 187,400 happy people — some of which are looking for a significant other to ~share their happiness~ with. Hint hint.

The runner-up was the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, with Ballarat in Victoria and Toowoomba in Queensland coming in the third and forth spots respectively.

Here, the top 10 places in Australia to find happy singles:

  1. Geelong (VIC)
  2. Sunshine Coast (QLD)
  3. Ballarat (VIC)
  4. Toowoomba (QLD)
  5. Gold Coast (QLD)
  6. Mandurah (WA)
  7. Darwin (NT)
  8. Cairns (QLD)
  9. Port Macquarie (NSW)
  10. Brisbane (QLD)

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