How to get over a breakup and bounce back better than freakin' ever

From heartbreak to hella good in six steps (and 85,000 boxes of Kleenex).

By BTYB Pantene
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Breakups are goddamn sh*tty.

Anyone who's been through one (or watched The Hills) knows that.

Whether things abruptly ended with a new guy you thought had major potential or you're struggling since splitting with your long-term love, chances are you're a total wreck RN.

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So is this life from now on? Bursting into tears at the drop of a hat, questioning your worth and worrying that you'll never find true love?

Like hell it is.

Breakups are hard (obvs), but they're not something you can't recover from. Trust us.

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What you need is an epic Breakup Plan that not only boosts your confidence but also helps distract you from feeling alone/like it's the end of the world/so sad your heart legit hurts. Then, in time (we know, ALL OF THE EYE ROLLS, but it's true) life will be better.

We swear.

Now, about this ~miracle~ Breakup Plan...

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1. Treat yo'self

Don't let this moment in time be defined by a broken relationship, let it be defined by you. Put yourself first, focus on your own happiness and basically live like a goddamn kween. Even if your heart's not fully in it, there's no way it's going to make you feel worse. First up? Head to the hair salon and get a new look. It doesn't have to be crazy drastic, but changing your hair after a breakup is a proven confidence booster. Just ask Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez who are all fans of a #HairBreakover. Make sure your at-home products are on board, too. Go for nourishing, colour-protecting formulas that will maximise shine, protect against colour fade and basically treat your new 'do with the respect it deserves. Try Pantene Pro-V Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner, $6.99 each.

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2. Take up a new hobby

When a relationship ends, you suddenly have a bunch of spare time — and typically a surplus of emotions — on your hands. Sure, you could listen to Adele on repeat and think about what could've been or you could see this as the perfect time to try something new. Something different. Take up a hobby, volunteer, go to night school and upskill yourself — even learn the drums if you feel ragey. Why? You'll keep yourself busy, challenge yourself and avoid the post-breakup funk.

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3. Book a trip

A breakup takes its toll mentally, physically and emotionally. It can be all-consuming at first so give yourself the ultimate distraction to look forward to: a holiday. A girls' trip is great, but don't be afraid of a little solo travel time either. It can give you the time you need to reflect and recoup — and a foreign location can give you a greater sense of perspective. Just make sure your itinerary reflects how you're feeling: quiet time is only good if you feel up to it, likewise an action-packed adventure trip may not be entirely what you had in mind RN.

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4. Say yes to everything

Treat these three little letters as your vocabulary's MVPs after a break up. We know it'll be WAY easier to say no, not happening, nope, eff off when your besties ask you to do something, but take them up on their offer of fun. And not just them, say yes to your colleagues, parents, neighbours, randoms (within reason) — anyone who seems like a non-crazy person and asks you to do something. The aim of the game is to be so busy, you forget how much you're hurting — and we can tell you from experience that it works.

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5. Do something your ex always hated

It's deeply, DEEPLY satisfying to do something you always avoided because of your ex. Examples include (but are not limited to): eating a big fat juicy croissant if your ex was gluten-free, listening to Justin Bieber on full volume if your ex was not a Belieber, spending four hours scrolling on Insta if your ex was a social media hater, wearing top-to-toe velvet if your ex didn't understand fashion and watching re-runs of The OC if your ex was not a fan of Newport Beach dramz.

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6. Tailor your TV viewing

LBR, you're probably going to spend a decent chunk of your initial post-breakup time comatose in bed. It's only natural. But while you're there try to do a little cathartic/soothing/empowering movie viewing that will help you bounce back quicker. Watch Legally Blonde to LOL (or at least laugh internally) and remind yourself that Elle Woods kicked ass after her breakup with Warner. Then watch Amélie to remind yourself that solitude does not equal sadness (important life lesson). Then watch Silver Linings Playbook to remind yourself that good stuff sometimes comes from being hung up on someone. Also worth watching on Netflix in a heartbreak binge: 500 Days of Summer, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

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