What Ian Somerhalder made Nikki Reed do on their second date is just plain weird

This would be a dealbreaker for most people.

The first few dates you go on with someone normally involve dinners, movies, maybe bowling. Apparently this doesn't apply to Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder.

The couple, who married in 2015, decided to ditch all the normal dating methods and instead opted for chilling in hyperbaric chambers.

What's a hyperbaric chamber, you ask?

Basically, it's a fancy machine that increases the amount of oxygen your body intakes.

The air pressure is increased three times higher than normal air pressure. As a result, your lungs gather more oxygen than normal and it makes your blood to carry this ~fresh~ oxygen throughout your body.

'Sposed to be mad good for you.

Yeahh nahh, not something we'd like to do.

Anyway, during a chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Ian got talking about how he ~lured~ Nikki to his hyperbaric chamber.

"You get into this thing and there’s 98% oxygen pumping into it. Basically it's ten litres per minute of oxygen that you would ever get in the atmosphere, so it’s pressure cooking oxygen into your largest organ. They’re amazing," Ian told Jimmy.

"I put Nikki in it on our second date and all I’m saying is 10 months to the day we were married. It speeds everything up."

Hmm, look, tbh we wouldn't say no if Ian asked us if we wanted to hang out in his chamber of air.

Watch the interview here: