Is Abelena over already?

Looks like there’s trouble in paradise!

By Matt Galea
Is Abelena over already?

Over the past month, basically every move that Selena Gomez or The Weeknd have made, their other half has been by their side.

From public make out sessions to their cute AF couple vacay in Italy to visiting each other’s fams, they have pretty much been tied to each other’s waists.

But the latest Sel sighting has been, well, solo!

As we’re sure you’re all aware, the Super Bowl went down yesterday which is a HUGE deal in the states (as big a deal as the State of Origin is to us!) and football fans get together with their fam and friends to watch the game.

A perfect moment to share as a couple, right?

Well, it turns out Selena and The Weeknd were divided for the special occasion.

Sel uploaded a pic to her Insta story where she can be seen looking sullen amongst her loved up friends.

It isn’t as if the budding lovers aren’t ready to meet each other’s squads as they’ve already been spotted on dinner dates with friends and most recently Sel went to the hospital with Abel to see his manager’s newborn child.

So why was Abel absent from this occasion?

Fans have begun to speculate that the two musos are having problemos, calling out The Weeknd for being a no-show.

Realistically, we doubt that if Selena and Abel really were having troubles that she’d poke fun at it via IG.

There’s gotta be a perfectly reasonable explanation for his absence.

Maybe he’s just not a football fan?

Did ya ever think about that?