Is this the sweetest proposal, ever?

We dare you not to melt a little bit when you watch this video…

By Kate Spies

Ok so maybe you’re not a sucker for over-the-top, lovey-dovey stuff like some of us in the Cosmo office, but seriously just try and not get slightly misty-eyed when you watch this ridiculously cute proposal by former rugby player Garth Chamberlain.

The smitten London-local secretly organised an elaborate plan to pop the question to his girlfriend of three years, Swedish-born model Tess Montgomery. His GF’s modelling agency was his accomplice, and they helped him fake a modelling job for Tess, which got her to a luxury hotel on an Italian island – the site of the proposal.

He then covertly flew to the island to set up cameras and organise the surprise, but not before he travelled all the way to Sweden to ask Tess’ dad for her hand in marriage. Swoon

Oh, and he also prepared a video detailing where they first met, followed by dozens of almost-too-good-to-be-true pictures of the couple’s life together. Yes, they really are the most picture-perfect pair ever!

 Just two of the super sweet photos Garth included in the video.
Just two of the super sweet photos Garth included in the video.

After Tess watched said video on an iPad she was handed by her agent, Garth popped onto the terrace of their uber-lush villa and got down on one knee. Obvs, she said yes.

They originally planned to show the video to friends and family at their wedding (which will be in Zimbabwe on NYE), but then put it on YouTube (as you do!), where it has been watched by thousands of people.

Of the elaborate proposal Tess said: “I can say that it was quite a shock to be booked on a job and end up in the middle of a marriage proposal instead. Garth had been planning this since sometime in March and received help from my good bookers at MOT, so I really could not imagine.

“I have no idea how they managed to keep everything secret so long. That he could go to Sweden and back without me even noticing?”

 Of course Tess said "YES"!
Of course Tess said "YES"!

So what did the man himself have to say about the whole thing? “I wanted to take Tess away to propose in a romantic location, one of the classics, but since we hadn't been on a holiday in a while I knew she would be suspicious. “Then I came up with the idea of booking her on a 'fake' job, with a lot of help from her entire agency at MOT Models, we came up with the perfect disguise, we managed to get her over to Italy after a little stopover flight, so I could get there before her and set everything up.”

Well Garth, we say well played, but we’re not sure if men of the world would agree: take note guys, the bar has been set high.

 Could they be anymore good looking?
Could they be anymore good looking?

Watch the whole thing here: