It’s time to make the first move, ladies!

A study has shown that yes, guys really do prefer you to take the lead.

By Edwina Carr

How many times have you been making eyes at a cute guy across the bar but held back from saying “hi” because of that unspoken dating rule, “guys are meant to make the first move”? Well it’s time to throw out the rule book (it was pretty dusty anyway) because a new study has revealed that men would abso-freaking-lutely love for you to approach them. Uh huh, it’s time to change your game plan.

A study conducted by The University of California in San Francisco has found that 72 percent of men would love chicks to initiate sex (why are we not surprised!?) and are sick of the stereotype that men have to make the first move.

“We’re living in an age where women are empowered – we used to have to wait to be chosen by men but that’s not the case these days. Australian women need to start making the first move,” says Dr Nikki Goldstein.

Despite men wanting us to approach them so badly, the study of college-aged men and women found that only 25 percent of females aged 18 to 24 were reported to make the first move in relationships.

So what’s holding us back? “We’re programmed to think that men like the chase and that if we hit on them they’ll think we’re too full on,” says Nikki. But there are several ways you can put yourself out there without putting your dignity on the line.

“Men are still men and like room to be able to chase you. So yes you need to be making the first move but make it a more subtle one,” says Dr Nikki. “Find a reason to start a conversation with them; complain about the service at the bar or ask them what they’re drinking. Then you can launch into a conversation with them.”

Another tip? Look approachable when you head over to chat. “Always smile and always have open body posture. Guys don’t feel open to come up to women who look sad and distant,” says Dr Nikki.

Research has shown that women getting things started in the bedroom is also key to a happy relationship. “If your guy is always initiating sex, he might start to feel a little rejected. So if you’re in the mood or even if you’re not but you think your partner needs it – initiate sex. It’s a way of showing him that he’s desired and wanted,” says Dr Nikki.

Have you made the first move with a guy? How did it work out for you?