Like mother, like daughter

It’s official: we all turn into our mothers. And the age we do it is probably younger than you think…

“When I have kids I will never act like you…” Despite the fiery comebacks you may have thrown at your mum during a late night fight in your teens, a recent poll has found that eventually we all turn into our mothers. And sooner than you may think…

According to researchers, most of us begin the transformation at 31. Not so coincidently, 31 is also the average age modern women want to tie the knot. However, the major butterfly moment is thought to occur when you have a bub yourself. No better way to appreciate the role of a mother, then to become one first hand, right?

This means Kate Middleton, who celebrated her 31st birthday in January and is expecting her first baby in July, is holding a one-way-ticket to the mummy morphing train. Proving there is some truth to this theory, Middleton even plans to move in with her mum, 58-year-old Carole Middleton, when she has the baby.

Apparently liking the same TV shows as mum (hello, Offspring), enjoying similar hobbies and being attracted to similar types of men (gross!) are all signs that the morphing has begun. Take note next time you and your mum get excited about going to aerobics together.

Think about it: you know how you used to leave your bedroom like a tip and resent even having to look at a dirty dish? While now you get annoyed if your housemate leaves crumbs on the bench. Volia, that’s your ma coming out in you.

It’s inevitable that when forces of nature and nurture combine you’re going to be left with at least some of your mum’s characteristics. But with more than half of us nominating mummsie as the most inspirational influence in our lives, we think we could all do a whole lot worse than becoming more like our mother dearest.