Charting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s astrological compatibility

You know, because it’s fun.

By Mahalia Chang

Following in the wake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s soul-crushingly adorable engagement (and subsequent look-at-how-cute-we-are photo call on the steps of Kensington Palace), we have a lot of questions.

And they’re all very important! When is the wedding going to be? What dress will Meghan wear? Which tiara will she pick? Will she pick Serena Williams or Priyanka Chopra to be her maid of honour? Should we wear the blue fascinator or the white one to the wedding?!

See? Important. But perhaps the most important question our astrology-obsessed asses have over their engagement is: How do their star signs match up?

And, yeah, yeah, we know — it’s not real, star signs are a sham, we’re all just tiny specks of dirt in the universe and our natal charts are useless. We get it. But… we still wanna know.

And since we know you know that we know that you know that you want to know about Harry and Meghan’s cosmic alignment, we’ve done a little digging and found out if the stars really did “align” for these two love birds.

(Prince Harry’s words, not ours.)

First off, we should start with the star signs themselves. Being born on August 4 makes Meghan a Leo. Typically fun, loud, confident (did you see her go in the engagement interview? No wonder!), and damn hilarious, Leos are fire signs and are always apt to do their own thing. In relationships, Leos are giving, no-nonsense and have no problem sharing their feelings. But they’re also a little head-strong and a little brash at times, which can sometimes create problems.

Harry, meanwhile, is a cool and collected Virgo. Born on the 15th of September, Virgos are considered the most pragmatic of all the signs and are usually sensible, sceptical and shy. This works for being a royal, since Harry always has to be mindful of the things he says and does.

Luckily enough, Virgos and Leos are a pretty good match. Although there are certainly clashes — Leos are Fire signs, ruled by The Sun, which makes them sometimes assholes (sorry, Leos!) because they believe everything revolves around them. Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury, and are Earth signs, which mean that they are more pragmatic and deep-thinking. The conflict here is that sometimes a Leo’s brash nature can wound a Virgo, and likewise, a Virgo’s honesty and critical temperament can cause Leos offence.

The key between Meghan and Harry is communication, and not letting the other unbalance the relationship.

But there can be upsides to their fire-earth debacle, too. If they strike the balance just right, Leos and Virgos can make quite the team — especially in public situations (fancy that!). Leos love life in the spotlight, command respect and are happy to take the lead and talk, teach and communicate in social situations. Meanwhile, a Virgo partner works behind the scenes to fill in the gaps and help things run smoother.

And it’s not as if Leos and Virgos are complete opposites (which usually results in either disaster or perfection). These two signs are in what is called a semi-sextile relationship, or a “one sign apart match”. This means they’re next door neighbours on the charts. So, yeah, they’re not always on the same page in terms of interests or habits, but being so near to one another means that they can learn and teach from their neighbour-sign.

The Leo can teach Virgos how to let their hair down and become more steady and confident (again, we reference Meghan and Harry’s adorable chemistry in their interview), whilst Virgos can teach Leos how to step back and think critically, without rushing in — something that will come in handy when Harry teaches Meghan the ropes of being a royal.

All in all, Meghan and Harry are different, but not opposites. They’re not exactly complementary, but they’re not inharmonious. Leos and Virgos are an all-or-nothing love match — either it works and works well, or it doesn’t at all.

We think we figured out which one Meghan and Harry are.