THIS is apparently the most important trait to have in common with your bae

And no, it’s not liking the same Netflix shows.

By Natasha Harding
common traits

When flicking through Tinder at a gazillion miles an hour, seven days a week (but hey, who’s counting?), it's both overwhelming and depressing to see just how many fish are in the sea, and how few are actually your type.

But, when you do find someone you’re attracted to, you get all excited and go into the second-level screen: reading their bio. In this short, yet telling, description peeps can look for a whole HOST of info. Like, what do they do for a living? Do they sound like a fuckboy/creeper? And do we have anything in common?

Welp, it turns out that this last question, is wayyy more important than we’ve been giving credit for.

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Yep, there’s now a compelling argument to suggest one trait in particular is actually super important for your compatibility and, ultimately, success with finding the perfect bae. And no, it’s not the same Netflix binge shows (although that deffs helps).

So what’s the most important thing to look for on a first date? Or, for ~involved~ peeps, in your bae?

According to Dating Guru, James Preece, the magic trait is having the same sense of humour.

“When this is in alignment, you’ll be able to see the funny side of most situations and generally be more relaxed about what life may throw at you,” Preece explains to Femail.

“Any arguments can be diffused and you’ll appreciate each other much more,” he adds.

So next time you match with a bloke and opens the convo with a shit opening joke, or reveals he think Hot Tub Time Machine is the funniest movie EVER, just keep on scrolling.

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