A new survey has revealed the best and worst emojis to use on dating apps

The language of love 💕👌🍆

By Mahalia Chang

In this wild tech-centric millennial landscape, it’s no joke that emojis are a pretty integral part of modern-day dating (read that sentence to a Baby Boomer, and see if you get out alive). And, just like every other facet of online dating, it’s a delicate balance to get right. Did you send that heart-eyes emoji too soon? Did he interpret your ‘okay hand sign’ as some sort of sexual innuendo? Did you mix up your ‘tired face’ with your ‘weary face’?!

But worry no longer! Dating site Clover has released a survey which revealed the most effective (and least effective) emojis to send to both women and men.

Clover surveyed three million of its users to find out which emojis generate the most replies, and which turn people off your conversation. (As expected, the eggplant emoji is a no-go, you animals.)

According to the data, women most often reply to the Sassy Girl, Hungry Face, Tongue-Out Face, Smirking Face, Smiling Face, Sweat Droplets (kinky), the ‘Speak No Evil’ monkey, the tongue (also kinky), the Heart Eyes face, the Happy Devil, the Sun Face and the ‘See No Evil’ monkey.

And, also as expected, they don’t reeeally enjoy being sent the eggplant (for obvious reasons), the clapping emoji (too aggressive?), the Flexed Biceps (too egotistical?) or the First Bump. However, they’re most likely to send the Smiling Face, the Heart Eyes, the Waving Hand and the Winking Face.

It’s interesting to note that there isn’t that much overlap between what women like to send, and what mean like to receive. All in all, dudes are most likely to reply to the Smirking Face, the Crazy Face, the Laughing Crying, the Relieved Face, the ‘Okay’ Sign, the Two Hearts emoji, the Upside Down Face, the Weary Face, the Tongue Out Eyes Shut (isn’t that a horror movie?) Face, the ‘See No Evil’ monkey, the Kissing Lips and the Heart Eyes.

They don’t, however, like getting the Vulcan sign (what do they have against Trekkies?!), the Diamond Ring (shocking!), the Crying Face or the Poo emoji (understandable).

The emojis they love to send include the Blowing Kiss, Grinning Face, the Rose and the Smirking Face.

Now go. Go and get that D via your effective emoji use.

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