These are the jobs that are most likely to get you a date, according to Tinder

BRB, becoming a swimming coach.

By Mahalia Chang
The Bachelor.

Something we’ve learnt from navigating the tricky modern dating scene is this: a lot of different things can affect how well you get on with someone on your first date. Your age, your background, your taste in music, how wrong your opinion on cilantro is, how much you cried when Ned Stark died on Game of Thrones on a sliding scale from 0 to 10, etc, etc.

But something else that factors in pretty heavily is what you both do for a living. It turns out that there are some jobs that are more ~desired~ in a partner than others.

Tinder, AKA your Friday night wing man, has revealed which jobs in Australia get the most right swipes — and most of them are preeetty surprising.

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Here are the most right-swiped jobs for dudes:

And for the ladies:

So, basically... if you want to get a date, start taking swimming lessons?