Surprise! These are the names most likely to get a Heart on happn

Did yours make the cut?

By Mahalia Chang
Name tags.

Although we assume a lot more goes into getting a right swipe or a Heart on a dating app than just getting someone to think ‘they’re hot’, sometimes first impressions are all that matter.

Whether it’s your nonchalant ‘someone took this photo of me, I’m not posingprofile pic, or your witty bio, or your best come-hither eyes, the first glance is often the most important in the dating app scene. And it turns out that your name can factor into that… a lot.

Dating app happn (run down: an app that only shows you people you’ve crossed paths with physically, so you don’t have to trek to Woop Woop to get a date) has released some veryyy interesting data which reveals the ten names for both girls and boys are most likely to get you the nod of approval.

For ladies, it’s…

As for dudes, it’s…

The data-pull from happn also revealed another interesting tidbit: which star sign is the most popular.

According to happn, the most popular star signs, ranked from most to least, are:

Whilst, on the flip side, the star signs most likely to use happn are…

Did your name and sign make the cut?