Bachelor spoiler alert: Olena hints that she doesn’t win Richie’s heart

This time, it wasn’t Nikki that spilled the beans.

By Erin Cook

Hold the phones: mega-hot-Bachie-babe Olena just dropped a major hint that she’s not the winner of The Bachelor season four.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Olena said, “I am going to finally reveal how I feel, how I felt and it is going to be time to move on.”

Um, time to move on? If Olena did in fact win the show, she wouldn’t be talking about moving on.

She goes on to explain why she held back a little bit compared to the other girls. “Everyone is in a different stage with Richie and I am the sort of person that will take my time to commit and to see if the person is right for me,” Olena continued.

On last night’s episode, the 23-year-old invited Richie into her family’s home for dinner. They played tennis, did shots of Ukranian alcohol and then her dad – who is an ex-professional boxer BTW – showed Richie a thing or two about boxing. At one stage, Richie said he was, “waiting for him to kill me.” Just a typical home visit, really!

Usually, Nikki is the one with the spoilers but it looks like Olena’s been drinking the cool aide too. Guys, we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – please stop spoiling the show for us! We’re begging you…

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