Post-breakup happy hit

BF, who? Splitting with your guy doesn’t have to equal sad times. Wage a happiness war, stat!

By Edwina Carr
Breakup happiness hit

Breakups are up there on the Uncomfortable Meter just under “talking to dream guy with snot hanging out of nose” and above “going on date with The Situation from Jersey Shore”. And a breakup played out on FB quadruples the heartache. But when you’re totally over that annoying/cheating/yelling/boring ex of yours, you don’t have to keep that new found happy feeling locked inside – let the world (slash FB) know! Here’s how…


Ladies, we have something to say before you start waging your post-breakup happiness campaign. Do not, we repeat, do not start the above action plan until you’re totally 150 percent over this guy. If you think you might have even one smidge of feeling for him still, hold off and work through your emotions first. If you're obsessing over his online antics it might be time to either delete or block him because this is a time where you need to focus on your wellbeing only. Being joyful post-breakup ain’t about getting back at him, it’s about getting you back to Happy Town!

Get checked in

OK, so no one likes a serial Facebook check in fiend (guys, we don’t need to know that you just bought tampons at Coles, seriously) but letting everyone - and your ex is definitely included in “everyone” - know that you’re out and about at cool places is a definite post-breakup plus. “Being tagged at a cool party or venue is evidence that you’re not sitting at home in your PJs watching back-to-back chick flicks and eating your weight in gelato,” says sex and relationship expert Elly Klein. True dat!

Picture perfect

You can be sure that your ex would be missing you – why wouldn’t he: you’re baben. And just like you shouldn’t be afraid to voice your happy mood, you shouldn’t shy away from posting hot pics of you having fun with your friends. It’ll show everyone that you’re not wallowing and have totally moved on.


Listening to a song that precisely sums up the way you feel after a breakup? As long as it’s not Jamie O’Neal’s All By Myself, why not post the clip onto your newsfeed as a little reflection of how you’re feeling? Need inspo? Check out Taylor Swift’s albums, she’s got loads of I'm-happy-post-breakup tracks to choose from (ahem, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together)…

Get inspired

Found an inspirational quote about relationships or life that you’re sure was somehow penned just for you? Post that puppy onto your Instagram account and let you mates know just how happy (and over your ex) you are. “Sharing a meaningful quote shows you’re feeling positive despite the demise of your relationship,” Elly explains. So get those positive vibes flowing!

Status: happy

If you were dating a d-bag, chances are you’re feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders now that you’re no longer together. If you’re feeling that bubbly, contented vibe, why not share it with the world? Post a status about how happy you are, it doesn’t need to refer to him at all. “Doing this shows that your love life is only one part of your life. You also have a career, friends, family, pets, interests and more,” says Elly. And he is certainly no longer a part of your life.