There's been a recent surge in women proposing to themselves

Do you Susan, take Susan, to be your lawful wedded Susan?

what is sologamy?

Finding ‘The One’ can be an arduous task — involving a lot of shoddy dates and potentially kissing heaps of frogs along the way to hunting down your Prince (or Princess) Charming. All of this gets significantly more intense when your mates start getting married and having babies and your awkward aunt keeps reminding you that it’s about time you settle down… Yeah, cheers Debra, really appreciate that.

But it seems that some women have found a rather unusual way to combat the problem: By marrying themselves.

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Sologamy is now a “growing trend” for single ladies, Grace Gelder (the girl behind the TEDx talk, Adventures in Self Marriage) explains. Grace has jumped aboard the propose-to-yo-self train, saying that “marriage was the most accurate way to symbolise the kind of agreements that I wanted to make to myself.”

When you think about it, it does kinda make sense. Promising to love yourself in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, 'til death is actually a damn good mantra.

So seeing sologamy as a self-love thing, rather than an I-don’t-need-a-man political statement, makes it seem like a pretty dope promise to yourself.

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That is the exact promise that Sydneysider Amber Renae made to herself this year.

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That was when she had her light bulb moment and decided to propose to herself — she got herself a ring and did a whole proposal ceremony.

She explained that once she had done it, all the external pressure (from the Aunt Debras in her life) lifted, and the proposal has had a profound impact on her life.

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And it seems she is not alone in making this momentous move, with companies popping up around the world to assist you with your sologamy. There is a wedding planner in Canada who can assist you in your self-marriage ceremony, a travel company in Japan that will host a solo-wedding shoot for you, and you can even buy a ‘self-marrying kit’ from the States.

Time to rally up your friends and do the deed — 'cos let’s be honest, that would be one mighty fine wedding!

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