Remember that guy that proposed in Cosmo?

Stephen <3 Christina

Remember that guy that proposed in Cosmo?

When Stephen and Cosmo met, it was love at first sight. And by love at first sight, we mean that we were super keen to get him in the mag proposing to his GF, Christina.

Basically, it was the proposal to end all proposals (seriously other guys, up the game, the bar has been set, k?)

It was quite the production which involved:

-one man keen to propose

-one unsuspecting fiancé-to-be

-a photoshoot in Sydney

-one express couriered edition of Cosmo, hot off the press, pre-newsstand

But after the rose petals have been swept up, you want to know what she said, right?

“Christina was so confused about why she was receiving the magazine,” Stephen tells us, still in an engagement haze. “She started to flick through it and as she got closer to the end I thought she had missed it and then…the look on her face was priceless.

At first she was speechless, then shocked; she questioned if it was for real and if it was something I had mocked up into one copy. I had to assure her it was in every copy of the magazine. Eventually, when the penny finally dropped that I wasn't making it up, I got down on one knee and asked. Thankfully she said yes.”

“When we’d finished Christmas dinner [a few days later] there was a convenience store near-by that had Cosmo on display. Christina casually asked my mum if she had seen it and started flicking through until they stumbled across the first page. Mum was even more confused than Christina was and then screamed when she saw the proposal. The rest of the family was in shock too as we casually took them through the mag.

The whole thing worked brilliantly.”

Here’s to the happy couple! We can’t wait for our invitations… wiiiink