6 things we already know about Richie and Alex’s relationship after The Bachelor

Spoiler: the phrase ‘blue balls’ was mentioned.

By Erin Cook

In case you missed it: The Bachelor finale aired last night and now, after 7 long weeks, we FINALLY know who stole Richie’s heart.

And the winner is…

Drumroll please


Cue draws dropping across this nation of ours and Nikki’s heart shattering into a thousand tiny pieces.

Hey Richie, we’re really happy for you and all… but HONESTLY, what were you thinking?!!! Remember when you said you wanted to spend Christmas in Northam with Nikki and her family? You said it would be so easy. And what about Snowy… don’t you want to hang out with SNOWY?! Also, do you have NO REGARD for your mother’s opinion? Anyone with two brain cells could tell that she was team Nikki.

Look, Alex seems like a very sweet girl but we were very emotionally invested in Nikki and would somebody please pass the tissues? The wounds are still a little raw.

Anyway, we digress. Here are 6 things we already know about Richie’s relationship with the wrong girl:

1. Throughout the show, he suffered from a common medical condition called ‘blue balls’

Earlier this morning, Richie and Alex made an appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O show. It didn’t take long for the radio hosts to enquire about the couple’s sex life. “Did it just happen as soon as they were out?” Jackie O said. “Was it just like, let’s go for it.”

Richie eloquently replied, “There’s a lot of built up tension, you know? There’s three months of probably having the biggest blue balls in Australia.”

2. They’d like to thank you for your support

Not long after the finale went to air, the new couple posted a thank you video on Facebook. “It’s been a wild ride and I’ve met the most remarkable woman who makes me so happy,” Richie said.

“We’re so excited to start our next chapter together and we can’t thank you enough for your continued love and support,” Alex continued.

Well, that’s a bit cute.

3. They cave each other code names

Seeing as filming wrapped up in late May, the couple had to keep their relationship under wraps for four months. So, the show’s producers suggested they give each other code names. Richie went by the alias of Chase, while Alex was more of a Millie.

4. They’re not ready for marriage

Alex is pretty chuffed about her new relationship but she isn’t ready for marriage just yet. “I think you really need to live life with someone and really get to know them before you take on those next stages,” she told Woman’s Day. “I’m certainly not in any hurry to get married again or have any more children. I think those should come when the time is right.”

5. Richie hasn’t met Alex’s five-year-old son Elijah…

… yet. But he will! “I think they will get on like a house on fire,” Alex said. “I think they’ll gang up on me! [laughs] I’m very excited at the idea of them meeting each other. It will warm my heart to see the two of them together.”

6. It looks like Richie might relocate to Melbourne

Alex told Woman’s Day that Richie was concerned about pulling Elijah out of school in Melbourne. “I have such a great support network down here,” she said. “My mum and my ex-husband are amazing. I wouldn’t be able to do all of the things I do without their support. I think it’s looking like it would be more realistic to be in Melbourne.”