Rise of the wingman (and wingwoman)

“Three’s a crowd” is so 2012. Why more and more singletons are taking their mates on dates…

wingman dating

Traditionally, having a friend tag along with you on a date has been seen as a buzz-kill best referred to as the “third wheel effect”. But it looks like people are finally starting to give wingmen and wingwomen the kudos they deserve. Dating website,, has launched an event where singles can take a friend along for moral support. And get this – it’s been hugely successful.

While it might sound a little weird, having a mate come along to meet a potential BF has way more benefits than simply alleviating awkward silences. Apparently 86 percent of singles believe that it’s crucial their friends like the person they’re dating, while 76 percent revealed they were initially encouraged to start internet dating by a family member or close buddy. So would it really be that bad to have your trusted mate come along with you?

According to psychologist from Positive Psychology Institute Genevieve Teasdale, it could be a great thing. “Having a friend there definitely helps to alleviate any nerves or pressure you might be feeling to make the date a success,” she says. The first Date MySingleFriend night saw a turnout of over 150 singles keen to try the latest trend in dating. Each person brings along a friend and said wingman/woman fills out a scorecard where they take notes on how the date is going and if they think the two of you are a match. One online dater, Angela, told the Daily Mail that having a friend there made the date run more smoothly: “Meeting new people can be a little daunting, but you definitely feel more confident approaching someone you like with your trusted wingman by your side.”

And getting a second opinion could be exactly what you need to head in the right dating direction. “Be sure to bring a friend along whose opinion you really value because it could help to give you perspective on the date. Also, if you’re not sure about a potential boyfriend, having a friend there to bounce ideas around with can really help you to decide whether you want to see them again,” says Genevieve. C’mon, how many times have you known that you and that hot guy you went on a date with have zilch in common, but still tried to make it work anyway? Having a mate there to remind you of what your type is could be super helpful.

Not keen on internet dating? Never fear, the wingman effect can translate to any area of your life. “Approaching a guy or a group of guys at a bar or restaurant can be really nerve-wracking so having a friend there for support is great. If you face rejection (or have a triumph) you have your friend there to experience it with you,” says Genevieve.

The best thing about wingman dating? The fact that you’ve got someone to laugh about it with if the date goes horribly wrong.