A history of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds adorably trolling each other

Takeaway relationship tip: Joking always leads to poking ;)

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are married proof that, 'the couple who savagly trolls each other on Instagram together, stay together' -- that's how the saying goes, right?


After five years, two daughters, and equally busy careers that require A LOT of travel, our fave red carpet couple manage to be like the rest of us and keep in touch online. But instead of spamming each other's inboxes with cute GIFs and horny sexts (whoaaaaa, 'magine how HOT they'd be?!) they choose to connect with humour the whole world can witness in the form of sweet burns.

Take the time Blake ~accidentally~ mistook Ryan's Instagram profile for Tinder and complained, "Why won't this damn app swipe right!" Or when Ryan shared a pic of Blake's movie make-under and hilariously captioned, "#nofilter". LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! And there's plenty more jokes where they came from.

So here ladies and gents is the beautiful timeline of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds brutally trolling each other on the internet for our scrolling pleasure...