'Sex and the City' author doesn't think Carrie and Mr. Big would end up together

We weren't thinking about what the impact would be 10 years later.

It's been over a decade since the original Sex And The City TV series wrapped on HBO, but folks are still talking about Carrie and Mr. Big, the central couple of a show that was actually about negotiating female friendships. (I stand by this.) Throughout the years, fans of the show have pored over the nuances of the Carrie/Big relationship; it's something that the two SATC movies get into, and quite messily too.

But in an interview with The Guardian, Candace Bushnell, the woman behind the books behind the show, shared that in the modern era, this couple might not have been able to make it work.

Candace's perspective is interesting on multiple levels, mainly because it's difficult to imagine someone nowadays (or even then, TBH) being paid as a sex column writer enough to keep up that kind of chic and luxe lifestyle.

But fantasies aside, the IRL Carrie has some more practical observations about other topics, like the ways technology has changed dating, particularly when it comes to apps like Tinder:

Read the whole interview here.

Via: Cosmopolitan UK