7 people share how they knew their partners were cheating

Is your partner doing any of these things?

By Mallory Schlossberg

Perhaps you've been there: You felt a sharp pain in your stomach, you caught a glimpse of a text to an unfamiliar number (who is "Emily K. From Work?"), or maybe your significant other was weirdly never home. Though people cheat for a myriad of reasons, that doesn't make it easier on the person who's cheated on. It can, though, help to catch any warning signs.

In a recent thread discussing signs people are cheating, several Redditors shared what happened when their partners cheated on them. The stories are heart-wrenching, but they do come equipped with some valuable lessons.

1. "When she suddenly started playing 'Words with Friends' with a complete stranger (male) I never met. Changed all of her passwords. Hid her phone under her pillow while sleeping. Became friends with a lady down the street after 13 years living next door to go out on 'Girls Nights'. Coming home 2 hours after the bar closed because she was too drunk to drive. Immediately took baths as soon as she got home from bar on 'Girls Night'. So many more signs I missed..." — Gidats4978.

2. "My experience was such that he didn't start yelling at me or become abusive, but he disconnected from me. He would become annoyed easily by me, he didn't seem happy to see me when he got home and he was much more quiet. He disengaged with me because he was more engaged with her. I had NO idea what was going on but when I found out, after it hit me like a tonne of bricks his behaviour made sense. He had left me before we split and there I was, stupidly trying to make that connection again, wondering what I did wrong." — loridee.

3. She had a huge crush on her boss that time, I knew about it, she told me about it. I wasn't threatened by it because it was normal to have a crush and I was confident on our relationship, we were already planning to get married. Out [sic] of the sudden she wants to move out after moving together for about a year. She told me she needed space and that seeing each other everyday was boring her and doing all the daily routine stuff. I hesitated but later on agreed, thinking it was just temporary because she promised we could still see each other everyday, from then on it was the beginning of the end." — sizzlorr26.

4. "When you go in for your yearly pap test and find out you have two different STDs, one of which was a strain that causes cervical cancer and you're showing signs of possible cancerous areas... You've only been with your fiancé for the past year since the last time you went in for your yearly check up. Boy was that a 'fun' conversation when I got home." — RedditsInBed26.

5. "Honestly, sometimes you don't have any signs. I came home unexpectedly and caught my SO of 3 years in bed with a mutual friend." — fried_eggs_and_ham.

6. "Mine was fairly obvious at first, he would clearly hide his phone from me. It would go off while I was sitting next him and he'd turn it the other way to read whatever text had gotten, unless he noticed it was from a family member. Eventually the girl he was cheating with showed me and told me. But he started to get a little better hiding it all after I had forgiven him the times with her.

It wasn't until we were two weeks into being married when I picked up his phone and saw message notifications from girls on this dating app, MeetMe. I scrolled through everything. He used an old email address of his to link up to dating apps and even to talk girls over Craigslist. He would say he'd have to work or be out with friends, but actually be meeting with them all and f*cking either at their places or in car. He hid it all damn well." — emilyjaynemarie.

7. "I can answer this since my live in boyfriend of five years cheated on me. He would stay gone longer than usual whether it is visiting a friend or going to the store. Pick fights with me for no reason so he can leave to supposedly cool off. Caught him in so many lies. He acted like he did not want anything to do with me anymore. I was not included in his future plans. This was before cell phones, but he would receive a call right when he walked in the door or when I answered the phone, the person on the other line would hang up on me. Went through more money than usual. His friends that were once real social with me became quieter around me. In a way looking guilty and sad for me." — Lanna33.

(Answers have been lightly edited for spelling and punctuation.)

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