Signs you’re totally in a LTR

Are you heading into long term relationship territory? These are the tell-tale signs…

Long term relationship

Ah, long term relationships (or LTRs for those in the official club). It’s that time in a relationship where you suddenly realise you know everything about your guy (including those weird gurgling noises he makes while he's sleeping) and vice versa. If you can relate to the following signs, you my friend, are in a LTR. Don’t even try to deny it…

The bathroom ain't for lovin'

Remember when you first started dating and the bathroom was purely another location for you to get it on (in the shower, on the bathroom vanity – you get the drift)? Now, the only time you have physical contact in the bathroom is when you’re tag-teaming in the shower to avoid turning off the tap, or when you accidentally bump elbows when cleaning your teeth…

You talk dirty

But not the way he wants. We’re talking the kind of filthy conversations you have with someone when you know them intimately and have zero filter left. Example? How that Vietnamese meal you had for lunch made you diarrhoea at work. We warned you it was dirty!

You’re (brutally) honest

You wake up to your guy telling you how beautiful you are and as he’s about to kiss you, you realise his mouth smells like an animal crawled in there and freaking died. Rather than copping the kiss, you tell him straight up that he stinks. Same goes for when he farts, has smelly feet or is wearing that fugly shirt he loves. Ah, romance!

You never call him by his name

Unless he’s in trouble, that is. Most of the time you call him weird pet names that, if any of his friends heard, would cause him years of persecution.

You dress identically

When you’re in a LTR ever so slowly, you begin turning into each other. Case in point? You often leave the house wearing pretty much the same thing. #Awkies.

You communicate in your own language

You have so many couple slang words, names for each other and “in jokes” that you could speak for hours and no one around you would have a clue what you were talking about.

Saying "I love you" isn’t scary

Remember the first time you said those three, scary, throat-closing words? Well now, saying "I love you" is as easy as saying “Can you please squeeze this pimple on my back?”

You dress up for others

Ever been hanging out with your guy sans makeup only to find out his friends were about to make a surprise visit? If you reached for your makeup kit when you heard his friends were coming (yet didn't care being makeup-free around your BF), you’re in a LTR, girl.

You share bodily functions

There’s a time in every relationship where you’d rather give yourself bowel issues than let a fart rip in front of your guy. Now? You both consider passing wind an official Olympic sport. Oh, and shutting the toilet door? It’s optional.

You can read his mind

There was once a time where you would've done ANYTHING to know what your BF was thinking. Now, you’ve basically got the mind reading skillz of Edward Cullen. That slight glance at your plate when he’s close to finishing his meal? It means, “I’m still hungry, can I have some of yours?” Yep, there aren’t any secrets between you anymore.

Photography credit:Steven Chee/