This is who Sophie Monk has her first solo Bachelorette date with

He owns a vineyard. We’re in love already.

The first glimpses of The Bachelorette Australia are out, and the leak has revealed one of the boys competing for Sophie Monk’s heart.

Pictures of Sophie on her first solo date were supplied to The Daily Telegraph and they show the bachelorette sat in an empty footy stadium with a dashing blonde man.

Since the pics got out, we have been able to find out who this dashing blonde is — and our findings have us quite excited.

His name is Jarrod Woodgate and he is in his thirties, lives in Victoria and works for his family’s vineyard. We repeat, VINEYARD. Meaning that if Sophie picks this lad, she will have access to a lot of premium wines whenever she fancies.

Stalking the business’ Instagram account @tomscapvineyard, there are few pictures of Jarrod scattered around. We have analysed each one accordingly to figure out if he is a good match for Miss Monk.

He gets his hands dirty at the vineyard, showing he is hardworking, devoted and down to earth:

He admits that he likes being the face of the wines (along with his adorable dad), meaning he is probably chill with all the potential paparazzi shots and red carpet events he will have to go to if Sophie chooses him:

He is close to his family. Always a good sign:

He seems to be over the dating scene, posting this picture on his Facebook page:

His vineyard is also a wedding venue — handy! Here he is dancing with his sister at her wedding on the property:

Though Sophie did says she was looking for a fellow bogan, and this fam seems quite upmarket, we reckon there is enough pros with this guy to warrant another date or two.