The perks of being a couple

From better holidays to regular orgasms, we share the 10 best things about being in a relationship...

This month in Cosmo, we shared the 10 things singles girls have that taken girls don't. But before you start running off to dump your beau, being in a good relationship has its upside too. Here are the 10 best perks of being one-half of a couple.

1. Loving and being loved. One of the best parts of being in a relationship is that heady cocktail of chemicals that flood your brain when you fall in love. Sure they eventually empty out but it’s replaced with an endorphin rush whenever you touch your lover and that’s still pretty sweet.

2. Being exposed to new interests you never thought you would enjoy. Disney’s Aladdin knew what he was talking about when he sang A Whole New World. Becoming part of your man’s life means taking part in his hobbies too. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn why surfing is cool or get really good at Street Fighter.

3. Having someone to show off your new underwear to straight away. Even if no one knows, wearing sexy underwear can be a real confidence booster. But it’s always better if you can show them off right after purchase.

4. Have a sounding board. Partners are great listeners (if you can train them not to try and solve everything). Plus they can call you out when you’re being unreasonable and give you that badly-needed reality check.

5. Pooled resources. With your greater earning potential comes the chance for better dates and better holidays. Next stop Maldives.

6. Learn more about yourself. Every relationship offers a new chance at self-discovery. Having to consider another person means you also become a better human being. You might not be as good as Mother Teresa but every bit counts.

7. Regular sex! This really doesn’t need much explanation. Daily orgasms speak for themselves.

8. Someone to lay on the couch with on Saturday night. This is especially useful if you suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Having your man there to laze around with you means you’ll put down your phone and stop stalking your friend’s Facebook check-ins.

9. Another reason to stay in bed on weekends. You can never have enough excuses to sleep in on weekends and waking up with someone is probably one of the best.

10. Bigger friendship circle. A new relationship brings an instant group of friends to bond with. That means more celebrations, more good times, and more people buying you drinks on your birthday!