Thinking about your ex?

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Thinking about your ex?

I still feel like I am in love with my ex! It's been nearly two years and we did everything together, including living with each other during that time . Everyone around me is getting married or having kids and I feel like I'm the only one that isn't. I feel as though I'm not going to fall in love again. Maybe he was the only person I'm going to love? My mum constantly talks about him too, which drives me crazy. How do I get over him?

It's almost impossible to get over someone when you have to hear about them regularly - especially if your mum is talking about how great he was, or how great the two of you were together. It's important to tell your mum how her actions are affecting you, just as you would tell your friends to avoid bringing up your ex after a break up.

Another thing to remember is that it's never healthy to compare your love life to others. While it might be the right time for your friends to get married, doesn't mean you should be in any rush to find someone. Falling in love isn't something you can force. As cliché as it sounds, finding the right guy for you will happen when the time is right, not when you decide it should happen, or when it's happening for those around you! Try and concentrate on how you feel and what you want rather than comparing yourself to others.

You've said that you feel like you're still in love with your ex. It's completely understandable to have feelings for someone you were in a relationship with, especially when you got to the stage of living together, but before you think about getting back together with him, try speaking to your mum and stop comparing yourself to your relationship status to that of your friends. When these pressures are taken away, maybe you will find that it's a little easier to stop thinking about him and you are happy being single after all. And hey, this means you'll be ready to meet the next great guy.