Tinder's latest update will make it look (and feel) more like your fave social media apps

And remind you of your ancient matches!

By Jessica Chandra

If you notice a semi-major change happening with your Tinder account, don't be alarmed. Tinder is introducing a few Feed function, and Aussies will be among the first to trial it.

So, what's the Tinder Feed, you're probably wondering? It functions pretty much the same way your other social media feeds work - think Facebook and Instagram - where it gives you updates from people you've matched with.

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And it's a welcome change! Because most of us know the feeling of matching with maybe 100+ guys, continuing to swipe, and then forgetting about the people we've already matched with... it's a cycle. And because the options are endless, it's easy to forget that there's a group of people you could turn from matches into IRL romantic connections.

The real time updates you see in your Feed could include new Tinder photos, recently-uploaded Instagram posts, or updated music preferences. Basically, if someone makes changes to their profiles, they'll pop up on your radar again, and you could even use their updates as a way to spark some conversation.


  • If someone you've matched with posts a picture of a burger: "That looks delicious! Where's it from?"
  • If someone changes their anthem and it's your jam: "What a banger."

(OK, no one said the examples above would be good. You can obviously do better.)

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It also gives you a chance to see if people you matched with a million years ago are a) still active on the app, and b) still compatible with you.

If anything, it's a ~fresh~ way to use the app, because even though Tinder is a great way to ~connect~ with new people, the whole swiping thing can get a little repetitive.

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Tinder's Feed feature is being trialled in Australia, New Zealand and Canada before it gets rolled out to other parts of the world.