Where the hotties at? Tinder reveals the most swiped suburbs in Sydney

AKA where you need to be if you want to get jiggy with it.

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Tinder has just released some V. IMPORTANT news about its users: Which Sydney suburb gets the most swipes, and therefore the most action.

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…And the result may surprise you as the Eastern Suburbs (AKA home to the rich and even richer than that) ranked really badly. As in only one 'burb made the top 15, and that was little old Bondi.

But what hit the top of the list? Well, ladies and gentlemen…

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The most swiped-right suburb in Sydney is the one and only PARRAMATTA.

Yup, the heart of Sydney’s West is filled with the most swipeable folk around.

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Want to know if your suburb made the top 15? Read on.

Sydney’s Most Right Swiped Suburbs

(Listed from most right-swiped to least right swiped.)

  1. Parramatta
  2. Bankstown
  3. Camden
  4. Bondi
  5. Beverly Hills
  6. Brighton Le Sands
  7. Penrith
  8. Hurstville
  9. Sydney CBD
  10. Ryde
  11. Dulwich Hill
  12. Chatswood
  13. The Hills
  14. Surry Hills
  15. North Sydney

The west dominated the charts, taking the top three spots, and the Northern Beaches, often known for its sexy surfer residents, completely tanked, not making it onto the list at all!

We don’t like to encourage drastic life changes for our readers, but perhaps if you have found your Tinder matches to be a little lacklustre of late, it might be time to pack up and move to Sydney’s west! Or, at the very least, expand your Tinder kilometres to a little more than usual — you might just nab yourself a highly-swipeable hottie.

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