Have you been Tindstagrammed?

It’s a worrying new dating trend.

By Jessica Chandra

Have you heard of ‘Tindstagramming’? You may have even experienced it without realising. Tindstagramming is this not-so-new dating app phenomenon where someone you’ve rejected on Tinder may start messaging you on Instagram or other forms of social media. Yep, it’s the lovechild of Tinder and sliding into DMs.

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Your chances of being Tindstagrammed are higher if you have your Instagram account linked to your Tinder profile.

On the one hand, seeing your potential love interest’s Instagram account is good — sometimes six photos and a bio isn’t enough to tell what someone’s really like, ya know? Even though we usually put our best selves forward on Instagram, at least you can check their tagged photos — it’s usually a better indicator of what they really look like! (Insta-hack.)

But the downside is your Instagram account is also available for other people to see, including people you don’t want anything to do with. Now they have your details, they can follow you, and then start messaging you. Ugh.

This is not a new. Tinder enabled Instagram-linking in 2015, so people have been subjected to unwanted private messages for years!

Goodbye, anonymity!

It’s also interesting to hear about Tindstagramming from the other side — from a Tindstagrammer. Mike, an NYC-based Tindstagrammer, told that he’d managed to score dates from messaging women who hadn’t matched with him on Instagram.

He even had a Tindstagram plan: If he liked someone and they had their Instagram account linked to their profile, he would make note of their Instagram handle before swiping right on them, just in case they didn’t match with him.

Mike said it worked for him “two to three times out of 30,” and said the reason he did it was “because it’s easy.”

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Oh the one hand, it could be flattering 'cos it means someone’s really into you. But on the other hand, there’s a reason why you didn’t swipe right to them in the first place — because you weren’t interested.

If you’re worried about getting Tindstagrams, the easiest thing to do is remove your Instagram profile from your account. It’ll be like using Tinder in the past, but that’s not a bad thing. And there are heaps of other ways to optimise your account and success rate.