11 tips on how to ACTUALLY get a date on Tinder, from their youngest female exec

How long should your bio be? How many selfies is too many selfies? What's the best opener? Rosette Pambakian reveals all...

By Dusty Baxter-Wright

If you're wondering why a Bradley Cooper lookalike hasn't appeared out of the depths of your iPhone and swiped right on your selfie, Tinder's Vice President of Branding and Communications, Rosette Pambakian​, might have the answer.

Is it because you're wearing grey in your profile picture? Is your bio too long? Have you connected to your Instagram? Here's her 11 top tips on how to bag a date on Tinder.

  1. Opening lines should feel natural**

"There is no magic opening line that works best, but the most successful way for a Tinder match to get my attention is by pointing out something in my profile that sparked their interest - whether it's my job, where I went to school, or my (adorable) dog Bijou.

"Plus, now Tinder have added a GIF function, that's a really fun way to show your personality and sense of humour. Just remember that there's mutual interest which skips the awkward step of trying to figure out if someone has an initial level of interest in you, so just relax and be yourself.

2.  Don't skip the bio

"Never skip the bio section! It's your opportunity to tell your potential matches more about yourself - your hobbies, your interests, what you're looking for. We surveyed some female Tinder users recently and discovered that men are 98% less likely to get a "swipe right" if they don't have anything in their bio. But don't go overboard. We have a 500-character limit for a reason - no one wants to read a novel when swiping on profiles."

  1. It is actually worth connecting your Instagram**

"The photos we take tell a totally unique story about us and it's the way people communicate today - Instagram is a great way to learn more about someone AND it's a great conversation starter. Connecting Instagram also automatically keeps your profile fresh and up-to-date without you having to do it manually."

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4. Sunday evenings are your best swiping time

"We've found most users are most active on Sunday evenings. But I personally just make it work for me and use it whenever I get some downtime at the office or with friends - and especially when I'm traveling."

  1. Don't be too hasty giving out your digits**

"I've heard of couples who fell in "love at first swipe" with the first person they matched with on Tinder and exchanged numbers right away, but I think it's worth chatting within the app until you're sure you are interested in meeting them. You're able to unmatch with the other person on the app if you decide you're no longer interested, which is a lot easier than telling them to lose your number!"

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6. Make sure there's a talking point in your pictures

"Be genuine. Your pictures should give others a sense of your personality, hobbies and interests. If you like to go skiing or hiking, show it. If you're kind of a goofball, show it. We all deserve to be liked for who we really are."

  1. Don't let small talk put you off**

"If things are drying up, it's always worth sending a funny GIF or making the most of message liking, which I love - now if you don't want to engage in small talk but you don't necessarily want to end the conversation, you can like (click the green heart next to the message) the last message your match sent you."

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8. Super Likes ACTUALLY increase your chance of a match

"Your chances of getting a match are 3x higher with a Super Like, and conversations that start with a Super Like last 70% longer. I'm really flattered when I receive one knowing that someone sent their one daily Super Like to me, and others will be the same."

  1. Avoid neutral colours in your photos**

"We recently conducted a study that showed that the majority of Tinder users wear neutral colours (black, white, navy, gray, etc.) - so if you really want to stand out, show a pop of color in your outfit."

10. More pictures = more matches. Fact.

"Having more profile photos and making good use of the bio section increases your chances of getting more matches exponentially.​ Adding your job and education to your profile, which we enabled a few months ago, works amazingly well also.​

"​We just made it so that you can upload profile photos directly from your phone's camera roll, so it's easier than ever to revamp your Tinder profile. You're no longer limited to the photos you have on Facebook. ​"

  1. Don't be restricted to AUS.**

"You can swipe anyone, anywhere in the world with Passport - I know someone in every major city now and have made some great friends and connections around the globe. It can really change the way you travel and help you to meet amazing people along the way - because you can browse profiles without actually being in that location."

Happy swiping!

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Source: Cosmo UK