There is a new dating app for tradies in Australia

Because ‘The One’ might just be in high-vis.

Tradie dating app Australia

Ever found yourself swiping through Tinder Ever found yourself swiping through Tinder thinking, 'I am really only looking for one thing, and one thing in particular. And that thing is a hot guy in high-vis.'

Well if you agree wholeheartedly with that previous statement then we have a solution for you!

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There is a new dating app out on the market that is designed specifically to find you your high-vis lover. It is called Date A Tradie and, unsurprisingly, it was made right here in tradie-appreciation central, Australia.

The aim of the app is to pair tradies with tradies or tradies with tradie fans, in the hope, we assume, that they find sweet, sweet tradie love together and then make beautiful tradie babies.

Spokesperson, Marc Segal revealed some of the new features that takes the app beyond the realm of just being ‘Tinder for Tradies’…

Firstly, you can pimp out your profile in a much better way. There are obviously the usual bio and photos in there, but now you can add an introductory video too! This may be a prime time for tradies on the app to prove their skills.

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Secondly, there is the standard card view, so you can swipe left and right as you please, but there is also a ‘grid view’, which means you can plough through more profiles in less time — and give your RSI Tinder thumb a bit of a break.

Finally, based off a how many likes-ranking system, profiles with the most ‘likes’ will be put forward for an in-app comp which finds and celebrates a ‘Tradie of the Month’. Thank you app-Gods for finding a way for us to see the best of the best high vis-donning hotties.

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The Date A Tradie app is free to download for Android and iPhone RN (as it only launched yesterday), so get swiping to secure yourself a tradie date!