Turns out there's a reason couples do 'baby talk' and give each other insane nicknames

Bennie-boo-boo, boo-boo.

Couple voices.

Fess up. Do you, or do you not, have a 'couple voice'?

Why are we even asking. We've all, at some point in our dating lives, used a whiny, baby-like, and/or high-pitched voice when in convo with a significant other. Behind closed doors, or worse, in public.

The good news? Having a 'couple language' and 'pet names' actually means your relationship is really strong. And not as cringe-worthy as it appears.

According to research carried out by Carol Bruess, author of the study, "‘Sweet Pea’ and ‘Pussy Cat’: An Examination of Idiom Use and Marital Satisfaction Over the Life Cycle", this kind of communication is a sign of marital satisfaction and relationship solidarity.

The next question is, why do so many of our pet names, which make up a large part of the couple language, begin with the letter "b"? Eg: Boo, Bae, Bubba, Babe, Bug, BB...all our faves.

According to Hello Giggles, the reason we love this soft, floaty letter stems back to babyhood. Onomastics, the official term for the study of naming, tells us that the letters b, m, and p are the easiest to make because they require little tongue movement. Some of the first words you ever said likely began with these letters and are part of the reason we have an affection for them now. Naww.

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