This Twitter thread about strangers on a plane is proof love is, in fact, real

Like putting your cold, icy heart in the microwave.

By Susannah Guthrie

If you're single and sitting at home every night watching Love Island wondering whether it might be your last resort, HOLD IT RIGHT THERE SISTER.

A single Twitter thread is here to restore your faith in romance and fate and all that is good in the world.

Behold: The world's best first meeting story.

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It all began when Twitter user Rosey Blair, an actress and your new internet BFF, took a flight with her boyfriend and ended up getting separated from him in the seating allocation.

Because old mate Rosey is all loved up, she asked the long-suffering singleton next to her boyfriend to switch seats with her.

Clearly said singleton had not paid extra online to reserve her seat in advance because she said yes.

Rosey then said something only a smug person in a relationship could say, which was: "Maybe you'll meet the love of your life!"

Well, my friends. You'll never guess what happened next...

Next minute a bona fide, 100%-not-from-concentrate hunk walks onto the plane and plonks himself next to the singleton, who we shall call Lonelygirl or LG from now on.

Since we don't have any real photographic evidence of his hunkiness, I like to think his arrival looked a bit like this:

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At this point, Rosey starts getting excited because she just inadvertently may have become a matchmaker.

These two babes are unmarried, both personal trainers, both vegetarian and BOTH ON A PLANE. There's so much to discuss.

Rosey decides she's in this for the long haul and promises to bring her Instagram followers ongoing updates.

On that note, girlfriend should consider applying for a job with the CIA because her information gathering skills are brilliant/concerning.

Things start getting steamy. LG offers to send Hunk a Ted Talk when they land. They exchange fitness tips. She goes to the bathroom with her hair in a ponytail and comes back with it out. Their elbows touch. I can no longer breathe.

Then they share a cheese board! I mean, for Pete's sake GET A ROOM ALREADY!

They do get a room. The bathroom. They go there together. This just skipped right past PG-13 and skyrocketed to MA15+ and Rosey cannot handle it.

Rosey's boyfriend, who unfortunately has been starved of conversation while his GF goes full stalker, is also losing his mind.

No one is ok at this point, myself included. Turns out Rosey's followers are just as invested, and have bought some bevs and gathered some m8s to watch it all go down.

Rosey continues to deliver the goods and with every selfie she gets a little more cooked.

She is bold enough to take a photo of the lovebirds upon disembarking but decides to blur their faces so they don't take out a restraining order against her (wise move).

LG and Hunk walk off the plane together and straight into our hearts.

Kimye, Imma let you finish but this is the greatest love story of the 21st Century.

Now that Rosey and Rosey's BF are off the plane they can provide video content, and they inform their loyal fans they've located the couple's respective Instagrams.

"We have found their instagrams," Rosey says.

"I'm a sleuth. I'm a sneaky man," Rosey's boyfriend says, thereby solidifying his status as my second-favourite man behind Dwight Schrute from The Office.

Are these people looking for a third wheel? Because I volunteer as tribute.

Turns out both LG and Hunk live in Dallas, Texas, and will be able to take their mile-high romance onto the cold, hard ground.

Honestly, when my kids ask me how I met their father, I'm telling them this story.

You can read the full, glorious thread here.

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