Women on Twitter are asking their crushes out and the responses are savage

Way harsh.

twitter users girls asking guys out

Asking your crush out can be seriously nerve wracking, and as far as societal norms go, it's usually the dude who has to carry the burden.

So in a bid to even the playing field, sex and relationships blogger Oloni challenged her Twitter followers to switch it up and ask their man-crushes out on a date — and to tweet the responses they got.

What resulted was a series of very varied responses.

There were obviously your share of positive replies...

...and then, there were the overly cautious...

... and those who had very specific conditions.

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While some opted to let them down gently, and chose the polite excuse route...

...others decided to be way, way harsh.

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But the worst responses were nothing short of pure carnage.

And then, there's this dude with this WEAK, frankly irrelevant excuse.

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While the negative responses were no doubt a little funny, the overwhelming reactions were super positive.

So next time you're waiting on a guy to notice you, why not ask them out? Chances are, they'll probs be flattered af — and even if the answer is no, no dramas.

You've probs curved dudes twice as hard in the past, and at least you won't be wasting your time waiting around for a dud.

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