Weird (online) dating trends

From gluten-free dating to a sexual performance app, we discover what’s trending in the dating world.

Girl on computer, weird dating trends

Gluten-free dating

We’ve all got a list of requirements for a potential boyfriend, whether we admit it or not. Such as; needs to be taller than me. Must not make fart jokes on the first date. Is a nice person. Must be, er, gluten intolerant? Yep, that last one sounds a little OTT, right? But a legit dating website has been created to cater for those who can only eat gluten-free options.

Yes, really. And if you can digest gluten, you need not apply. Gluten-Free Singles is a dating network where celiacs or people who are gluten-intolerant “never have to feel alone, awkward, or a burden because you are gluten-free”. We had no idea having a food intolerance meant there was no way you could date someone who didn’t also have a food intolerance…

Spreadsheets, $2.99

Ever wondered about how good a lover you really are? Well, so have a lot of people which is obviously why the app Spreadsheets was created. Spreadsheets monitors your sexual performance by collecting data on your movement and audio levels in bed. Experience a screaming orgasm? Chances are Spreadsheets will give you a fairly high score.

The app also tells you the amount of thrusts that have been achieved per minute (kinda gross, huh?) and the frequency of your bedroom action. Worried about just how loud you are during an orgasm? The app also tells you the peak number of decibels you hit when climaxing. Wow, we have a feeling this app could turn sex into a competitive sport!

Hitch.Me, Free

Prefer to only date investment bankers? Or do you only like dating arty types? This app is perfect for the super picky girl and is all about hooking up professionals with like-minded people. You sign in with your LinkedIn account and Hitch.Me will offer you potential dates using your job, age and location. Sounds great in theory, but what if your next job interview is with someone you dated on Hitch.Me? Talk about awkward.

Have you used a dating app or website? What was your experience of it?