What guys Google…

About you! That’s right, guys Goggle girl stuff all the time. Fact. See what they’re searching for...

What guys Google

#18ThingsWeGoogle recently trended on Twitter, which made us wonder what guys ask the little search box about us. Some of their quandaries are cute (aw, Alberto), and others, ugh (looking at you, Carl!)…

“What’s the difference between tights and stockings?” Peter, 27

“On what date is it appropriate to bring up anal?” Carl, 22

“After I watched a documentary on labiaplasty, I Googled, ‘What’s the average length of a woman’s labia?’ I felt creepy typing it in.” Sam, 21

“Do I need to ask a girl’s dad for permission to marry her?” Jed, 30

“Why do girls flirt with guys they’re not interested in?” Jono, 23

“I Googled ‘How to spoon without arm getting numb’ – while my non-texting arm was trapped under my sleeping girlfriend.” Tom, 22

“Is she faking it?” Dan, 23

“Why do girls say one thing but mean another?” Matt, 21

“How do girls get a urinary tract infection (UTI)?” Luke, 24

“Why do girls talk about each other so much?” Alex, 19

“Why do girls get attached even in casual relationships?” Charles, 22

“Why do girls have secret dating rules?” Paul, 29

“Clitoris! Where?” Thomas, 21

“I Googled ‘pick-up lines that actually work’.” Mark, 25

“How to get your girlfriend to agree to a threesome.” Jeremy, 27

“Where is the most romantic place for a first date? What food do I order?” Alberto, 31

“Does the morning-after pill work in the afternoon?” Sean, 21

“My girlfriend had genital wartsonce, so I Googled how they get transmitted.” Mark, 25