What men really want

A new study proves what subconsciously makes mens heads turn on the street... and in the bedroom.

Man and Woman undressed

A study has found that bedroom chemistry and physical attraction are far more important than many men care to admit, with blokes craving sexual desire in a relationship. In short, the study found men are highly attracted to nice breasts and a cute, surprising much?

But, before you cross your arms and swear off the male population and their wandering eyes, it's not all bad. The report, titled What Men Really Want From Women and presented at the Australian Market and Social Research Conference, also found that when it comes down to it, men are after a "good sort" who is loving, supportive and down to earth, with an attractive smile, eyes and adventurous spirit.

Meanwhile, women rated personal hygiene and the need for her partner to get on with her family and friends as most important. Now that's not asking for much...