What really counts as cheating?

Nobody likes the thought of their man being unfaithful, but where do you draw the line between a forgivable slip-up and total deal-breaker?

What really counts as cheating?

We asked around the Cosmo office to see what our team defines as cheating. While some of us were a little more lenient than others, there’s no doubt we all agree that cheating is never okay.

"While it might be considered normal and even healthy to think about other people while you're in a relationship, the moment that thought leaves your head and enters a text message, Facebook flirt or, well, a vagina, it's cheating.

Yes, infidelity has degrees, and personally I would be more devastated by a purely emotional infatuation than a drunken pash with a random, but I think anything you wouldn't do in front of your partner is automatically not okay.

I had an ex who dedicated song lyrics to his ex (yes, he was a songwriter/wanker) and told her he'd been dreaming about her. Cheating? Not really. A betrayal? I thought so." Naomi, Acting Deputy Editor

"If my (fictional) boyfriend kissed another girl - whether he was drunk or double-dared - he would be dead to me. If you want to act single, you can be single (fictional), buddy. I don't see the point in being with someone who isn't completely and utterly stoked to be with you, which is why I just can't understand girls who continually let their boyfriends behave badly, while continually wondering why they never change..." Gyan, Digital Content Manager

"Flirting on Facebook or text isn't technically cheating, but it's the first stage of cheating and would never be tolerated. If they're doing that - they're not into us!" Nicole, Fashion Director

"Cheating is anything you wouldn't do in front of your partner. Simple as that." Leigh, Beauty Editor

"Kissing and sex is hands down cheating - even a once-off is still a cheat. There are obviously different degrees and I think some people are able to get over them/turn a blind eye. But personally, I'd find it really hard to forgive or forget.

Flirty behaviour and other forms of communication isn't technically cheating but it's duplicitous and incredibly disrespectful to your partner - being attracted to more than one person is understandable, but if you can't control it you shouldn't really be in a relationship!" Yeong, Features Writer

"I think any kind of flirting, whether it be texting, online or in real life, is not on. Even though it's not technically cheating, like a physical action is, an emotional affair is still a deal breaker for me." Leisa, Art Director