Imagining your friends and family dead isn’t as weird as you think

It happens more often than you realise.


We all occasionally daydream and conjure up various, random images and scenarios in our minds.

But what happens when your imagination turns dark, and you envision something like, say, one of your loved ones carking it?

It seems a bit morbid, and sure, if your mind wanders to that point, you may feel a little creeped out or guilty for imagining such a devastating event occurring.

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However, a new video released by The School of Life explains this isn’t actually an uncommon thing to do, Elite Daily reports. It also isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The video, which is part of a series that answers many of life’s questions, reveals that imagining a friend or family member's death doesn’t mean you hate them and want them no longer living. Quite the opposite: In fact, it usually means there is a great deal of love involved in your relationship.

“We fantasise about the death of a loved one not because we truly want them gone but because being close to them is such a large, and therefore at times, such a tricky part of our lives,” the video explains. “Our fantasy is a strange, but real, tribute to the depth of a bond.”

Hmm, so it's kind of like a backhanded compliment in daydream form.

Still worried that your thoughts might be indicating something more sinister? Don’t sweat it.

“Daydreams are not plans of actions,” The School of Life states. “They don’t correspond to our real values or intentions. They operate as momentary escapes from powerful feelings.”

Phew, that’s a relief!