Women are attracted to ugly dudes when on the pill

Thanks, hormones.

A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has found that women who stop taking birth control in a relationship experience a decrease in sexual satisfaction, especially if their partners aren’t killing it in the good looks department.

The study examined 70 couples for one year and an additional 48 couples during four years of marriage and found that women who are not on hormonal birth control are more likely to fancy hot dudes.

In contrast, women who were already on the pill when they met someone found that the pill made them attracted to someone they wouldn’t usually go for. And then, when they stopped taking the pill, they were disappointed by their husband’s looks and general lack of hotness.


If you’re thinking this all sounds familiar, it’s because a study conducted in 2001 confirmed the same thing.

So basically, if you don’t want to be disappointed by your partner’s hotness later in life, you should get on the prowl without birth control, or just stop being shallow.