7 women on Tinder reveal their biggest dating deal-breakers

That's a no from me.

By BTYB Tinder

Unless you're one of the lucky few who just happen to find their soulmate in high school or on a first date (good for you, P.S., good for you), then it's only natural to have racked up your fair share of bad dating experiences.

While it may seem like a nightmare at the time, dating gone wrong (read: disastrous) is actually a hidden godsend. Why? The dating pool is a quick-fire way to get to know what you want — and what you don't. Want a guy that can hold a convo? Yes. Looking for a partner who spits on the footpath as you're strolling between bars? Not so much.

We caught up with seven women using Tinder to chat dating deal-breakers. Grab the popcorn.

Stringing you along

"Deal-breaker equals: They string you along for months, take you on nice dates, they message and call you every day while they're gallivanting around Europe, they then come home, and you find out you're not the only one, in just one day. Guys, come on — we will find out!"

Grace, 26


"I am more than happy to contribute to half the meal/movie, but when I seem to be funding more than my fair share of our nights out, it's a huge turn off. I'm not saying I want everything paid for, but hanging out with someone who never offers or keeps track of every little purchase is no fun."

Caitie, 26

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"I know it seems shallow but I can't date a guy if he's shorter than me. I'm pretty short myself so it's not like I'll turn many guys down, just the really short ones. I also hate when guys lie about their height before meeting in person. I'm going to see you eventually, so just tell me!"

Lucy, 21


"As a woman whose been cheated on more than once, lying and being sneaky are my biggest deal-breakers."

Em, 28

Bad grammar

"Even if I'm really into someone, if they start texting me with the wrong 'to/two/too' I'll see them in this new, really dumb light and end up way less attracted. I'm 33 so the majority of people I'm dating are that or older. If they haven't got the grammar basics down pat by now, it has me worried."

Sammy, 33

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Cancelling on plans

"I was dating a guy for a few months and we had SO much fun every single time we hung out. But because he worked late hours, he'd often end up cancelling and rescheduling. It was kinda hard as I knew we could get along but by the end of it I just got over never knowing my plans. I'm way too organised and it sort of felt like I wasn't that important."

Belinda, 26

Lack of ambition

"I can't go out with a guy who is super laidback or chilled. It's probably more to do with me than him but I can't stand laziness, whether it's day-to-day stuff like exercise or career-wise."

Alexis, 30

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