Alex Nation's ex sister-in-law has massive dig at her on Instagram

And the dramah keeps comin’.

By Ashley Noye
Alex Nation Richie Strahan The Bachelor

Richie Strahan’s sweetheart, Alex Nation, can’t catch a break.

Last month, The Bachelor winner was the victim of some choice words from her ex-husband’s girlfriend, Ashy Smith. Though considered a ‘stage-five clinger’ on the show, it seems Ashy thinks Alex is not clingy enough when it comes to her son, Elijah.

Now, former sister-in-law, Kimberley Grace Porter, has thrown some shade her way with an Instagram post. Kimberley posted a meme on Instagram not-so-subtly insinuating that Alex pays for her own photoshoots.

Sure, you might be thinking ‘well that could be about anyone’. You’d be wrong. Accompanying the post were some pretty passive aggressive hashtags (yeah, they’re a thing), including: #whiterose, #notnamingnames, #byefelicia. Adding fuel to the fire was the mother of Alex’s ex-husband, Deborah Porter. Awks.

Alex's modelling shots can be found on her Instagram account. To be fair, it’s not like she actually claims to be a model…

Yeah, we're not sure the passive aggressive social media posts will be stopping anytime soon. Cue Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’…

But, can we also discuss how FIRE Alex looks in the shots, whether they're paid for or not?!