Oh dear… An All Black’s been suspended for having sex in a disabled bathroom

Aaron Smith was in the airport with his team at the time.

By Lorna Gray

We’re going to go ahead and assume All Blacks star Aaron Smith is regretting his decision to celebrate his side’s win a little too hard (if you know what we mean).

He’s been suspended after a couple complained of 'rhythmic tapping noises' coming from a disabled bathroom in Christchurch Airport the day after New Zealand’s win over South Africa.

CCTV showed Smith and a female friend entering the cubicle then leaving separately. The All Blacks star rejoined his team and met fans who had gathered around the players.

It’s not been confirmed who the female is (i.e. whether it’s his girlfriend Teagan Voykovich or not) but it's not looking good for the young star.

The incident has also cost him his spot for this weekend's Rugby Championship Test in Durban.

Coach Steve Hansen confirmed the 27-year-old halfback had been seen entering a toilet cubicle with a female in a press conference:

“On the Sunday in Christchurch after the South African test at the Christchurch Airport, Aaron and a female friend were seen by members of the public to enter the disabled toilets. On our arrival to South Africa we were informed of this. I had a conversation with Aaron on Tuesday and he confirmed the story. As a result of that the leadership group met and were unanimous in the fact that behaviour wasn't acceptable and as a consequence a one match suspension would be put in place."

And also this, which sounds like it could be really sad news for his poor girlfriend:

"Clearly Aaron is bitterly disappointed with his behaviour and feels he has let the team down but just as importantly feels he is bitterly disappointed in letting his family and partner down. At his request he has asked to go home to deal with the personal matters that have come with this incident and we have been only too happy to support him in that.”