Anti-rape activist Amber Amour documents own rape on Instagram

The 27-year-old campaigner posted pictures after the assault.

Warning: This article contains descriptions of sexual violence.

Anti-rape activist Amber Amour was raped at the end of last year in Cape Town, South Africa, in the middle of her ‘Stop Rape. Educate’ world tour which is horrifically ironic.

Amber was first raped at the age of 12, then at age 24 by her roommate in her native New York. When she told police about the latter, they questioned whether her rapist “thought she meant yes.”

So Amber embarked on a world tour to spread awareness but was raped once again while in South Africa.

She chose to spread the message in the most powerful way possible: by documenting it on her Instagram page.

Although most support has been positive, she has suffered some abuse for her brave decision to document the rape.

But she's tirelessly and courageously continuing her campaign.

Amber’s alleged rapist was arrested this week and is due to face court according to a post on her Facebook.

Let's hope justice is served.

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