ATTN domestic travellers: you now have to be at the airport TWO hours before your flight

The Australian Government is beefing up security measures, big time.

By Jessica Chandra
Modern Family airport episode

Compared to an international flight, flying domestic is kind of a breeze. Instead of rocking up to the airport three hours before your flight, you could waltz in with 30 minutes to go, and still have time to flick through a couple of magazines at the newsagency before taking off.

Easy, right? Well, soz — that’s all about to change.

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Thanks to new security measures, travellers flying domestic are now required to be at the airport two hours before their flights.

TWO HOURS. With that kind of waiting-around time, you might as well be flying to Madrid, not Melbourne!

There is obviously an important reason for the changes. The Australian Government has put in extra security screenings after four men were arrested in connection to an alleged terror plot. They were reportedly plotting to blow up an aircraft departing from Sydney Airport.

Qantas and Virgin have both confirmed that passengers now need to arrive two hours before their domestic flights.

Qantas said:

The changes have already caused major delays at domestic airports.

TBH, security for domestic flights was pretty lax. While this shouldn’t impact people who only make the occasional interstate trip, it will be frustrating for people who fly in and out of different states for work, often completing roundtrips in a day.

When it comes to everyone’s safety, it’s best to play by the rules. Just make sure you’ve got something to help pass the time.