Say goodbye to The Pirate Bay and all the other sites you've been using for illegal downloads

'Cos they'll be gone by the end of the year.

By Jessica Chandra
The Social Network

If you don’t have Foxtel and want to watch the seventh season of Game of Thrones next year (among other things), you better ask for a Foxtel subscription for Christmas, because by the end of the year all the sites you’ve been using to, ahem, download torrents illegally, will be blocked.

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This afternoon the Federal Court ordered Australia’s internet service providers to block five of the most-used websites for illegal downloads, including The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, TorrentHound, IsoHunt and streaming service SolarMovie.

The internet companies – Optus, Telstra, TPG and iiNet – have been given 15 days to block the piracy sites, which are all based overseas. And the ‘rights holders’ – the companies Foxtel and Village Roadshow, who filed the case in February – have been ordered to foot the bill and pay for the ISPs’ legal fees.

Foxtel chief executive Peter Tonagh said in a statement: “This judgment is a major step in both directly combating piracy and educating the public that accessing content through these sites is not OK, in fact it is theft. This judgement gives us another tool to fight the international criminals who seek to profit from the hard work of actors, writers, directors and other creators the world over.”

It looks like it’s already working. If you try to go to The Pirate Bay or Torrentz, this is what you’ll get:

If you’re worried what this could mean for you, aside from not being able to access these sites, the ABC reports there was nothing in the act that discussed penalties for people who try to use the sites.

Sooo, yeah. Do the right thing and you’ll still get your Game of Thrones fix next year.