Calling all avocado lovers: Fancy avocado-on-toast ice-cream is now a thing

Welcome to #PeakSydney.

By Jessica Chandra

If you haven’t spent enough money buying smashed avocado on toast for breakfast, a new restaurant in Sydney’s Manly will give you more reason to dip into the savings account that’s supposed to go towards your first home deposit.

Arthur’s Oysters and Seafood opens next month, and the menu will include an avocado-on-toast dessert that is basically a ~fancy~ cold version of the real thing.

And look, in terms of presentation, it’s definitely a step up from the regular version:

Chef Jason Wright told Good Food that his dessert is his take on Sydney’s obsession with the brunch staple.

“I’ve been working on different versions with plating and painting it with chocolate,” he said.

You can bet your bottom dollar this dessert, with its toasted coconut bits and Persian fairy floss extras, will probably cost a little more than the $14-20 you’re paying at your local café. But hey, avocado lovers will do anything for their fix, right? Even if it means drinking their lattes out of avocado shells.

We wonder what Baby Boomers will think about this…