VIDEO: Why is this chicken so fkn big?

Apparently, his name is Big Boss.

By Erin Cook

Public service announcement: Thanks to the internet, we have just discovered the BIGGEST CHICKEN IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.*


It pops its head out of the chicken coop and we were all like, ‘Woah, that’s a big head.’ But then it keeps walking down the steps and more and more feathers appear and sweet baby Jesus, that’s a big chook!

According to Country Rebel, this fella’s name is Big Boss and he’s a Brahma chicken from Kosovo.

Questions we have after seeing this really fkn big chicken:

  1. Why is it so big?
  2. Is it definitely a chicken? Or is it a man dressed in a chicken suit?
  3. How many nuggets could you make from this chicken?
  4. Does it lay eggs?
  5. Can we please see pictures of the eggs?

Like us, the internet is pretty gobsmacked by this monolith.

*This fact is unverified and was made up by the author. If you have seen a bigger chicken, please write in and let us know.