Canadian PM has perfect response for why he appointed a gender-equal cabinet, is a legend

A sassy leader who’s all about equality? Listen up, rest of the world.

Newly-appointed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made good on his promise to appoint a gender-equal cabinet, naming 15 women to a cabinet of 30.

The legend has set a new standard for global leadership in doing so.

"It's a message to Canadian women — ​and young women in particular — ​that this world is about you," said former Premier of Quebec Jean Charest, who insisted that men and women have equal representation in his provincial ministries in 2007. Charest told Bloomberg Business, "You have to move beyond the old boy's network."


The best part was when a journalist asked him why half of his appointed cabinet are women. His sassy AF response? “Because it’s 2015.”

BOOM, there’s your dinner. You can watch it above.

Our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, more than doubled the number of women around the cabinet table when he took over last month but there’s still only five women in the cabinet out of 21 so yeah, you do the math...

Still, positive changes!