'Cash me ousside’ girl went FULL how bow dah, got kicked off a plane after punching a passenger

Cash me on an airplane, how bow dah?

By Sammy Stewart

The "cash me ousside" girl and her mother boarded an airplane on Monday evening and before the plane even took flight, were escorted off by police.

TMZ is reporting that Danielle Bregoli and her mother who rose to fame after an episode of Dr. Phil, were boarding a plane out of LAX when the mumma got into a heated argument with a female passenger.

Apparently, it all started when Danielle’s mum was struggling to put her carry-on bag in the overhead, was taking her time due to the fact that she was wearing a cast for her injured foot, and overall it started to piss off the lady sitting underneath.

Danielle, being the feisty tween that she is, decided to get involved. The woman in the video footage obtained by TMZ revs her up saying, “Cash me outside how bow dah,” which then causes Danielle to legit reply with “CASH ME OUSSIDE HOW BAH DAH, WHAT’S UP BITCH, WHAT’S UP?!”

Danielle proceeded to punch the woman and claims that she had her hands on her mother’s throat. A short time after, police arrived and took all three women off the plane.

There will be no pressing of charges, but instead everyone’s lawyers are going to handle the altercation.

How bow dah, indeed.