A woman just filed a lawsuit claiming she was trapped and raped at Chris Brown’s house

“This was one of the most horrific sexual assault cases I’ve ever seen.”

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains graphic discussion of rape and domestic violence.

Chris Brown has a tendency to find himself in unsavoury situations, to which he has been the perpetrator one too many times. Whilst C-Breezy was not in this case, there is a new lawsuit accusing rapper Young Lo of raping a young woman at a house party in Chris Brown's home.

Rihanna's violent ex has been named on the lawsuit which has been filed by Gloria Allred, who famously works on controversial cases. She has represented Bill Cosby's and Donald Trump's sexual assault victims in the past, and is constantly fighting for the protection of women's rights. In other words, she's the boss lady you want on your team when you plan on taking a seedy dude down.

Speaking at a press conference regarding the rape case, Gloria explained that when her client (who will remain unnamed) arrived at Chris Brown's studio she was asked to hand over her phone, as the rapper didn't want anyone taking pictures. The party later kicked on to Chris Brown's house, where the client revealed that women at the party were given "clear pills filled with white powder" and were instructed to have a "good time."

Despite Gloria's client turning down the pill, she was guided into a bedroom whilst being promised on arrival that she would be reunited with her phone. Once inside, a couch was pushed in front of the door, trapping her and the other women inside. The lawsuit explains that loud music and porn was playing in the room while the women were told to strip and "engage in sexual activity."

Gloria's client claims that she was forced by one of Chris Brown's female friends to "perform oral sex" on Young Lo (a rapper in attendance of the party), and that this would grant her access to leave. However, once she was separated from the group, Young Lo raped her.

The victim's mum was tracking her daughters phone at the time, and after being unable to get through to her daughter for many hours, she called the police and directed them to where her daughter's phone was — AKA Chris Brown's house. The lawsuit details that the rapper refused to let the police onto his property.

Once she was able to leave (a fair few hours later), Gloria's client attended a rape treatment centre and then filed a police report. Gloria stated that, "This was one of the most horrific sexual assault cases I've ever seen."

So far, no charges have been filed against Young Lo or Chris Brown — but we'll keep you posted if anything changes.

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